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16m Baiting Pole + Extension + Float & Spoon


Our new 16m Carbon Baiting Pole empowers you up to an incredible 18 metres reach with the supplied extension to deliver baits and rigs with complete precision. The pole itself is of reinforced carbon construction giving you strength and rigidity you need to place baits accurately at distance; without compromising on lightness and manoeuvrability. The sections themselves simply push fit together and are finished to avoid sticking, making sure operation is as swift and smooth as possible.
The float has a wide diameter for stability and a simple tie to hold it in place.
The Spoon is both strong and light, with the option of a dividing wall to keep your rig from tangling. Plus, being watertight, the spoon can also be used to deliver liquids as well as boilies, particles and maggots etc. Its square profile means it sits shipshape in the water with a full load and combined with the float gives fantastic stability, essential when placing baits at range to awkward spots, such as under overhanging trees, structures or in holes in weed.


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