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Logix Barrow Low Loader T3411



  • Purpose designed low profile barrow storage
  • Keeps the weight of your kit evenly distributed
  • Two main compartments
  • Features high protect EVA tops and bases
  • Protects tackle from weight and impact
  • Three sided zips allow the main compartments to be opened fully
  • Two full length side pockets carry rig boxes or bank sticks
  • Heavy duty, reinforced grab handles
  • Makes lifting on and off a barrow easier
  • Padded adjustable and removable shoulder strap
  • Dimensions: 25cm (h) x 76cm (w) x 42cm (d)

A durable, functional, high impact-angling accessory, the Low Loader is a practical item of tackle luggage that provides low profile, well-protected storage in your barrow, and helps keep your load weight evenly distributed.

High impact protection EVA tops and bases support and protect two main compartments, which have three way zips for easy access, and front access pockets, enabling you to quickly get to essential items even when you have larger items stored on top of the Low Loader. The EVA tops and bases ensure that the Low Loader holds its shape when partially loaded, and that tackle stored inside is protected from weight and impact when forming part of a larger barrow load.

Two full length side pockets provide storage for rig boxes or bank sticks, making the low loader an ideal option for longer sessions by ensuring you can easily get everything you need to the bank with minimal hassle, even carrying the low loader over your shoulder, thanks to the padded shoulder strap, which can be removed for barrow transport..

Two heavy duty, reinforced grab handles make lifting the low loader on and off a barrow, or into and out of a car boot, absolutely effortless, allowing you to focus on the lifestyle aspects of angling, rather than the boring practicalities.

Nash bring a dedicated carp focus to the angling community, backed up by personal passion and a decades of carp angling experience in all conditions.

Whether they’re providing top of the range angling technology, or solving simple problems such as maximising the amount of accessories that can be carried on your person, and thus minimising the amount of fishing focus you lose owing to having to find vital tackle, Nash consistently deliver high quality angling essentials that perform well, look good, and add a definite edge to your fishing, whether in terms of technical performance or bankside comfort.

The Nash Logix Barrow Low Loader is a small, simple product that makes a big difference to your angling efficiency; if you’re in two minds about buying this, don’t be – it should definitely be part of your angling arsenal.

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