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S36 Superbox Orange Edition Seatbox + Extras

Second Hand

Condition: 8/10

Comes With:

3D Extending Side Tray 

3D Extending Tool Bar

3D Rigid Feeder Arm

3D-R Protector Arm Short

3D-R Protector Arm Long 

3D-R Cross Arm Short

Total RRP £750.00

S36 Superbox

  • Large diameter 36mm legs with 25mm telescopic inserts for incredible stability
  • Lightweight aluminium frame
  • Removable padded carry strap supplied
  • Built using the popular Matrix drawer units
  • Generous storage capacity between the footplate and drawer units
  • Stylish new back plate
  • Anti-warp footplate
  • Large diameter, swivel mud feet for extra stability on uneven ground
  • Integral footplate slides under the frame for easy transportation
  • Snag-Free fitting throughout
  • Padded seat with built-in spirit level
  • Accessory threads in the top of all six 36mm legs
  • Extended thread on footplate hand wheels
  • 3D Extending Side Tray

    • Large extending side to comfortably hold 8 x 3 pint bait boxes
    • Universal design will fit most round leg seat boxes
    • Attaches to 3 legs for extra stability
    • Supplied with 2 telescopic 25mm support legs with mud feet
    • Universal 3D Snag-Free fitting - fits 25mm, 30mm & 36mm legs.
    • Can also be fitted to the rear of the box for tackle storage when fishing
    • Width 42cm
    • Length 53-81cm


    3D Extending Tool Bar

    • Designed to fit 25mm, 30mm and 36mm round legs
    • Allows 4 Keepnets to be comfortably fixed alongside each other when fully extended
    • Unique snap lock system allows Keepnet knuckles to be easily removed
    • 3 keepnet knuckles supplied
    • Quick release enables nets to be fixed or detached by pushing a button
    • Ultra-lightweight aluminium construction
    • Can be stored in Matrix Ethos Pro Jumbo Roller bag when fully collapsed

     3D Rigid Feeder Arm

    A simple yet highly versatile and effective feeder arm. The rigid feeder arm is ideal for use on both commercial venues and natural waters alike. Complete with 3D fittings it’ll fit most popular boxes on the market.

    • Rigid design to eliminate rod bounce.
    • Suitable for both commercial fisheries and natural venues
    • Universal 3D Snag-Free fitting - fits 25mm, 30mm & 36mm round legs.
    • 25mm, height adjustable bar with universal rod rest thread.
    • Compatible with Matrix leg extensions
    • Length 75cm
    • Height 0-41cm

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