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Synx Stiff Coated Braid Dark 20lb

For such a low diameter the strength of this braid is remarkable. To protect the braid we encapsulate it with a tough polymer using a multi-layered process rather like a laminate, in fact no less than 30 individual layers go in to make up the final coating! This produces a very carp friendly product with an incredibly tough finish that can be used with complete confidence even in the most snag ridden swims.

Synx is perfectly weighted and designed to rest on the bottom, its unique low diameter makes it tailor made for all modern rigs. When fishing over soft silt, firm sand, clay or hard gravel this radical new hook length cannot be faulted. In trials its ultra fine diameter has proved to fool the wariest of fish whilst its armour plated coating insures the all important internal braid has full protection from harsh abrasive damaging snags.

The degree of stiffness and memory play a vital part for many of today’s successful rigs and their importance cannot be over stated. For instance when using chod rigs Synx will retain its curved shape even after capture. By training the line using finger and thumb the desired curve can quickly be reached. Even under full pressure following a capture Synx will spring back into shape. By using it straight off the spool or by removing a section of coating you have a huge range of rig options to choose from. Uni’s, Chods, Combi’s, Hinge, KD’s, Stiff and beyond, in fact the presentation possibilities of Synx are almost endless and only limited to the extent of your imagination.



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