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Krill, Shrimp & Squid Paste

Krill, Shrimp & Squid Paste was created with extreme attraction in mind as a complete nutritional food source to meet carps dietary needs. All three of the key ingredients are packed fully with attraction. Incorporated into to this bait is blend of chilli to give the bait a spicy kick and the highly attractive Robin Red at a high inclusion rate, which also gives the bait its colour. The nutritional ingredients are the highly digestible LT-94 fishmeal, ultra soluble pre-digested fishmeal, yeast powders, kelp meal, caseins milk proteins, betaine and more. To top it off the bait also contains highly attractive water soluble liquids, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, hydrolysed krill, fish proteins, liquid yeast and a small amount of fish oils, giving optimum fat lipid sources. There are no concentrated flavours in this bait at all, leaving a subtle aroma from the natural ingredients.

The advantages of using paste, mean that the break down is faster, releasing those powerful, natural attractors and signals quicker. You can mould around your hook baits or cork balls, use in a mesh system, and make customised hook baits.

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