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ITM Day Sack

Second Hand 

Condition: 9/10


  • Fully padded harness system
  • Ultra strong and waterproof base
  • ITM compatible
  • D Ring loops for attaching nets and unhooking mats
  • Dimensions: 34cm W x 20cm D x 38cm H


Ideal for the angler who likes to stalk the bank, or who is fishing between multiple swims, as well as those who stick to fishing short sessions, this Day Sack features a fully padded harness system to ensure you are completely comfortable, whilst keeping your hands free to handle rods, tie rigs, and all the other small tasks that make up a day in the life of an active angler.

Featuring a strong, durable, waterproof base, this day pack can be taken out in all conditions, and placed on the bank beside you for easy access while you’re fishing. It’s compatible with Korum’s ITM range of tackle storage options, which means you can maximise space by packing your tackle neatly stored and organised into ITM cases.

This Korum day bag also features D rings, giving you the ability to easily attach nets and unhooking mats to the bag, and providing you with a compact, easy-to-carry, fully-functional luggage session for shorter sessions where you won’t need a barrow, but you will need to bring more kit with you than will fit in your pockets.

Designed to perfectly suit the roving specialist angler, this day sack is just one more reason to choose Korum over other brands, for their commitment to ensuring that your angling experience is as hassle free as possible, their stylish, high-performance design, and the quality and reliability of their products.

Having all your tackle, bait, and fishing accessories ready to hand, in a bag that’s effortless to carry, and leaves your hands free for other tasks, definitely puts the “leisure” back in angling as a leisure pursuit.

A stylish, practical, and durable option for anglers across all disciplines, with a practical appeal for specialist anglers who won’t necessarily be out all day, but still want to have all their kit ready to hand, the ITM Day Sack is a functional, durable, and fishing-focused accessory that would suit any angling kit.


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