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Pair of Aviator Flex 12ft 3lb 2oz 50mm Duplon Carp Rods

Second Hand

Condition: 9/10, excellent condition, come with cloth bags

  • 12ft 3.2lb Aviator Flex Rod Blank
  • Full Duplon handle
  • Stainless Butt caps
  • Fuji DPS Carbon reel seat
  • Stainless Collars
  • Silver Whippings
  • Kigan 3D Rings
  • Anti Tangle Tip Ring
  • 50mm Butt Ring
  • Cloth bags

Like the Harrison Aviator Plus, this Harrison Aviator Flex has its roots in the unparalleled Torrix 12ft 3lb rod and the rod boasts a fast taper with woven 1K carbon fibre fabric that stretches right to the tip. However, this is where the similarities between the two Aviator rods end. The Aviator Flex goes in the opposite direction to the Aviator Plus – a fact which is obvious when you look at the butt sections of the rod side by side. In fact, the slow taper mandrel of the Aviator Flex has more in common with the Acurix medium range rod than it does its brother. However, unlike the Acurix the Aviator Flex has been built with power in mind. This is why the rod boasts a power zone, which has been added to the bottom of the handle.

This power zone combined with the fast taper tip ensures that this rod will be able to load up easily, enabling you to power leads out to fantastic distances with minimal effort. Bridging the gap between the mid-range Acurix 12ft 3lb and the Torrix of the same length and test curve, this rod has an impressive fish playing ability combined with a diameter to power ratio that really needs to be seen to be believed. In fact, at less than 14mm above the handle, you’ll struggle to comprehend exactly how impressive this rod really is until you get it out on the water and stuck into a hard fighting fish.

Perfect for a variety of carp fishing uses, this rod is as comfortable on mid sized waters as it is on the larger of the UK’s carp fishing venues. With a 3lb 2oz test curve and a length of 12ft this is a fantastic all-round carp rod that will happily see you through a lifetime of hardcore angling. As with all Harrison rods, this Aviator Flex has been designed and built in the UK, with UK angling in mind.

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