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Hi-'S' Barbel Feeder 12ft SU Rod

+ Extra 4 Hi-S Hollow Carbon Quiver Tips

2oz, 2.5oz, 3oz, 3.5oz

Condition: NEW


Hi-S’ Barbel Feeder Rods

We have been working for some time on utilising the hollow feeder quiver tips for heavier specialist rods aimed at Barbel and Chub. Traditionally specimen river anglers use Avon tip sections in all but the smallest streams and rivers or the lightest currents. This is mainly due to the fact that quiver tips do not provide sufficient
resistance to the flow so bite detection becomes difficult. The solution would be to use very heavy solid tips to try to counter this but then you lose feel from the tip and in many cases this still doesn’t provide enough resistance. The Hollow Carbon quiver tips provide this resistance and being hollow blend well with the curve of the rod
with no harsh transition point. They allow much better bite detection than Avon tops.

The Hi-‘S’ Barbel Feeder S.U. 12’ is heavier and coming with a 5oz hollow carbon quiver tip can cope with much heavier river flows and casting weights whilst the Hi- ‘S’ Barbel Feeder S.U. 13’s extra length makes it easier to get the line out of the flow when conditions are tough. Additional tips will be available shortly.
During testing we have also used the two heavier rods for extreme range feeder fishing for carp on large, open bodies of water with great success.
The rods feature black framed American Tackle single leg anti-frap guides for lightness, rear cork handles with Fuji lock-down seats and EVA front cone and butt grip.


  • Hi-‘S’ Barbel Feeder 12’ S.U
  • MHSBF569
  • Quiver Tip Supplied : 5oz Hollow Carbon
  • Weight : 215g
  • Rings Fuji 30/20/16/12/10/8/6 - Quiver Rings 6/6/6/6/6/6tip

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