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28 Quart Xtreme Cool Box 26L



  • Holds 36 Cans (0.33L)Capacity 26-litres / 28-quarts
  • Robust lid, can be used as a seat and feature two integrated cup-holders 2L bottles height.
  • Easy to clean surfaces
  • Cooling performances: 3 days ice
  • Weight: 2.2 kg

Introducing from Coleman their Xtreme (Extreme) 28QT (28-quart) Coolbox that is designed with premium insulation technology which keeps the contents cold on ice for three days (tested in laboratory conditions). This 26-litre cooler is perfect for camping holidays, festival use, summer BBQs, to sporting and outdoor events. Its features a robust lid with two integrated cupholders and even robust enough to be used as seat for up to 113kg! The design features a pivot handle for ease of carrying, and its slightly raised off the ground ensuring great cooling performance! Research indicates that the most performance efficient shape for a cooler is spherical, as this is not practical Coleman has angled the corners of selected models to further enhance performance.

Coleman rigid coolers are insulated with Polyurethane insulation (PU). PU is a very dense and an excellent insulator filling the entire internal cavity of the cooler, leaving no air gaps and so improving its insulating efficiency.

Extensive testing at Coleman has shown that cooling loss from rigid coolers is 30% through the top and also 30% through the base. Coleman's latest models feature increased insulation in these particular areas together with reduced insulation on the sides. The result of these changes is not only improved cooling performance but the reduction in exterior dimensions and the increase in internal volume.

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