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C2 12ft 3.25lb Carp Rod MK1

Second Hand

Condition: 8/10 some light marks, no cloth bag.

This rod is built on low diameter mandrels to create a super slim blank – circa 13mm diameter just above ALPS reel seat. The initial impression of the action is medium to parabolic but this is deceptive because they pack a lot more punch than the diameter would suggest. We have designed these rods for medium size venues where operating at ranges of up to 130m is sufficient scope. The playing action can best be described as progressively parabolic and pressure can be applied with confidence: the action does not lock up and the rod gradually delivers resistance and sympathetically enhances the player’s skills. The 3.25lb T/C model has slightly more capability at the extreme end of suggested range whereas 2.75lb T/C model is geared up for canals, smaller venues or the ultimate in playing action.


  • 1K-1K woven carbon weave to 1st K guide on top section
  • Sealed in long life, low scratch PTFE finish
  • Shrink rubber/EVA hybrid butt grip
  • Fuji SiC Anti Tangle K guide: size 40 graduated to size 12 tip
  • Custom laser graphics on ALPS frosted titanium grey reel seat
  • Dark grey tyings

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