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Sphere Zero G F1 Plus Set 16m Pole UK

Pole comprises:

  • 16m Sphere Zero-G F1+ pole
  • Square Ergonomic Pole Protector to fit 13m
  • Square Ergonomic Pole Protector to fit 14.5m &amp16m
  • Reversible Pole Protector to fit sections 6 &amp7
  • 9x 2/1 Sphere Duobush Multikits
  • 2x full length C/3 sections
  • 1x full length D/4 sections
  • 1x short C/3 sections
  • 1x Multi Cupping kit
  • Sphere X Large Multi-pocket pole holdall

  • The choice for experienced, professional level competition anglers
  • Made with the highest quality Japanese carbon currently available
  • Internal reinforcing on key sections
  • A true 16m+ pole ready to fish when combined with the ergonomic square Pole Protector
  • Ultra light and ultra stiff, with performance that does not deteriorate even at full length
  • Ground surface finish and minimal matt paint for fast and easy shipping in all conditions
  • Supplied with Brownings Ergonomic Pole Protectors (SEPPs)
  • For comfort and stability in windy conditions
  • Carbon banded female joints, plus over-wrapped male joints on high-wear sections
  • Supplied with pre-bushed Sphere Multikits fitted with a unique Duo-bush
  • Allowing a choice of tip size
  • The Sphere Zero-G has conventional length butt sections of 1.80m
  • Fully section compatible with Silverlite poles top 3 section compatible with all Xitan poles

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